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When the Sh** Hits the Fan: Knowing when to say Enough is Enough

WAKE UP! LISTEN! STOP!…before it is too late.

These are the words Kanye West wish he would have listened too before he got to the point he is now. This is another example of how important it is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STATE. We, especially entrepreneurs, see and hear of examples of individuals grinding and grinding until we reach our goal and then do it over again, without regard to our own well-being. It is an unspoken rule that taking breaks and making time for self-care is a luxury. We are conditioned to believe that to engage in such acts would deem us as being lazy or worse, seen as not hungry enough to chase our dreams simply because we needed a break. Not only do we work ourselves to exhaustion but we also don’t take the time out to process certain events in our lives such as death of a love one or close friend, the lost of a job or business, or an unexpected change that flips our lives upside down. We ignore these events by further immersing ourselves in our work, but we do so at our own detriment. We do so, because to acknowledge the emotions created these events may make us appear weak.

I am hear to tell you that after seeing so many clients that bury their feelings or believe that they do not have the right to feel the way they do and seeing celebrities suffer in silence it is time to say…Enough is Enough.

Enough is Enough…of dismissing our emotions just because we are afraid of what others might think of us or if we do show our emotions we might be seen as weak.

Enough is Enough…of not taking the time to grieve.

Enough is Enough…of looking down on individuals who are going through things and judging how another person should deal with the situation in their life because you went through the same thing and you got over it quickly.

Enough is Enough…of being too scared to raise your hand and say I am not alright and I need your help.

Enough is Enough…of thinking family should sense what is going on and understand without you speaking up.

Enough is Enough…because in the end it does not help to bury ones feelings or stuff them under the rug because like Kanye West IT WILL BOIL OVER.

So take the time out to process the unpleasant situations. If you continue to think about the event and it is interrupting different aspects of your life it might or let me say IT IS TIME to seek out help. Many people wait until they are broken down before they reach out and by that time, the consequences of inaction can become greater and by that time that might be too late. So, I am pleading PLEASE…OH PLEASE, seek out help before your past could have you ending up in the hospital like Kanye West or worse, dead like Robin Williams.


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