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About X-Ki-zin


Before I share just a little about me let me share something about my name. My name Xkizin came from a little village in Africa…But naw I am just kidding. I always get the question where did your name come from and that is what I would like to say at times but what I end up saying is that my Aunt and Dad made up the name and it is straight from the English language and it is pronounce exactly how it is spelled.

Professional Info


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern and I am known as the Entreprenuer Therapist, who works with people towards radical change. I absolutely love helping others identify and release hurts and pains that have been keeping them in bondage. What I have learned over the ten years of experience working in the human service field and my own life experiences is that holding on to the hurt does not serve you, make you happy or assist you to be the person you have been dreaming about becoming.


I have made it my life mission to work with entrepreneurs/business owners with their mental wellness. My focus is working with those who have been in business for 1-5 years but have pains they want to release so that they can go from where they are to where they want to be but might need that support to get the strength to release it. My ultimate legacy is to reduce the number of dreams that go unfulfilled or worse yet, end up buried in the graveyard, through helping entreprenuers create a healthy mental well-being.


So I am here to tell you that you are not alone and that as entrepreneurs we all go through the ups and downs but guess what.....Thank Goodness You do not have to go through it alone. You can find comfort in knowing that help for entreprenuers is HERE.


It is time for you to say “I am not Alone”


It is time to Heal from past Hurts.


It is time to Ease into Forgiveness and Let Go


It is time to Leverage your power to reconnect to your greatness


It is Time to Push Forward with clarity and focus into your unrecognizable FUTURE


It is Time!!!



With Support,

Xkizin Wright

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