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Mental Illness Does not Discriminate: 3 Things you can do to SAVE Your Life


Recently on the American Music Awards Selena Gomez took the stage with an open heart and was completely vulnerable. She revealed she was struggling with her own mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and having panic attacks and decided to take time to herself. She stated, “ I had to Stop” “I had everything and I was absolutely broken inside. “ Do you see that a well establish celebrity, and not the first one, has publicly admitted to struggling with a mental health issues.

I am here to tell you that Mental Health issues does not discriminate and it is real. This is a stigma that continues to be broken down but still very prevalent. Unfortunately, when the subject of mental health comes up, depending on who you are talking to, it is minimized or seen as not real or a sign of weakness if the person is unable to overcome the issue….but MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL.

It does not matter who you are. It does not matter what your background is, what your religion is, or how much you make… ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can have mental health issue.

So there are three things you can do or encourage a love one or someone you know to do to get help.

  1. Realize that something is not right and be ok with seeking out help.

  2. Engage in doing what is necessary to take care of yourself, because without being healthy mentally and physically it becomes harder to function at your full capacity.

  3. Do know that you are not alone and that it takes more courage to raise your hand and say I need help than to stay quiet. Don’t allow yourself to be miserable because you are worried what others think.

Doing these three things can help you to live a better life and happier life. Lastly, be open to support someone you notice may be in need of help. Your extra encouragement and being a nonjudgmental person could save their life….


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