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New Year, New Level

Welcome to the New Year and welcome to another opportunity to chose to improve yourself and your business. First let me introduce myself I am The Entrepreneur therapist and I help entrepreneurs leverage the power of lessons learned from past painful experiences. As a result, they no longer block their success or their destiny. Instead, they activate a renewed belief in themselves and a devotion to building their dream life and business.

So I am coming to you today to ask you a question; Are you ready to take your business/life to the next level by taking your mind there first? If this is you, raise your hand. I am asking this because being a successful business owner/entrepreneur, you will have to always be working to improve your mind set since it is the foundation of your business,


If you don’t have the right thoughts about yourself, your abilities and why you are meant to serve others, through the product or service you were called to create, you are setting yourself up for an even harder road for success. It is because the foundation ("your mind”) ain't right.

So I want you to take the time to really think and answer these three questions:

1. Do you know your Why? And if so what is it?

2. What have you done and What are you doing to work and strengthen your mindset?

3. Do you have faith in yourself and your calling, even if it is the size of a mustard seed, that you are willing to go after it, No Matter What?

If you answered "Yes" and know what you have to do and are doing, but need that extra help, I encourage you to continue to work in your business while working in your mindset and if need be reach out. If you answered No and unsure, I will tell you without confident, a clear and strong mind you will not get that far. The individuals or community you were suppose to change will not be reached unless you get the foundation (mindset) right, so that you can handle all the outside obstacles that will occur while being on this journey.

So I ask you again, ARE YOU READY TO DO IT SCARED?

Xkizin Wright

The Entrepreneur Therapist


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